Vanessa Lee Photography | Maggie & Matt | Engaged | Fredericton, NB

Maggie & Matt | Engaged | Fredericton, NB

August 28, 2014  •  6 Comments

Matt and Maggie came together, from Florida and Fredericton, in New York for college.  Maggie & Matt are quite possibly the cutest couple I've ever met!  They are so sweet with each other and two of the kindest souls on Earth.  Matt said, "We love to laugh"...and oh boy, was he right! Love and Laughter: the perfect mix for happiness!

They are both passionate about helping others and, I think, they have the perfect personalities for the counselling work they plan to do.  Maggie will be joining Matt in New York this Winter, where they will be married and begin their life as husband and wife.  

Congratulations on your engagement, Matt & Maggie!  




Kari Nordbye(non-registered)
Maggie & Matt, Love these photos. Absoluteky gorgeous. Can't wait to see the weddijng photos!! So happy for the two of you!!!!!
Mary Thibodeau(non-registered)
Maggie these photos are awesome. They really show just how much in love you two are and how happy you and Matt. are. Congratulations to the two of you on your up and comming marriage
Wendy Michaud(non-registered)
oh wow Maggie, your pictures are amazing just like you. you guys look so good together,I am thrilled for you.
Shelby Maas(non-registered)
I actually cried seeing all these! My heart rejoices when I think of you and Matt getting married mags!! The Lord is going to use your marriage to glorify Him so much! Love you mom and dad!!
Rikki LaRayne(non-registered)
oh my goodness Magnus you are beautiful. I am so thankful that you and Matt are getting married. I love you friend and pray for you and Matt to ALWAYS serve and seek the Lord in your marriage.
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