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Sarah & Scott | Engaged | Fredericton, NB | Wedding Photographer

November 14, 2014  •  1 Comment

Sarah and Scott are engaged and ventured up to Fredericton for a Fall engagement session soon after he popped the question.  We were having a wonderful time at The Old Government House until Sarah felt something hit her hair and chest.  She exclaimed, "Oh my!  Is it a big bug?!".  Scott and I just looked at each other, looked at her, looked at her hair, and said, ", it's not a bug.  I think a bird got you."  After feeling a little mortified, I just cleaned her up and it was all good!  I was/am so happy that she is so easy going...and she even joked that it was probably Grampy playing a joke on her from heaven.  The session is definitely one to go in the books with the most laughter - something we can definitely laugh about for years to come.  

I'm really looking forward to capturing many memories at their wedding next October at Bates' Barn.  I just hope the birds' invitations get lost in the mail.  


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Absolutely beautiful!
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